Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boston had is follow up eye exam today - which went great! No signs of Retinopathy. Since his eyes had to be dilated, he kept them closed most of the time we were there. He looked good today though and Charlie and I both were able to hold him which of course makes us happy. Unfortunately, it looks like we are going to be in the NICU at least another month. That news is a bit depressing but we know that is where he needs to be, I am just ready to have my family all home and together where they belong!
I do want to thank Erin and Mick for coming up to visit and having dinner with us, it was so nice to see them. Boston got to meet them too...sort of...he slept most of the time! Thanks guys!


  1. He's starting to look like a baby! not a preemie! I cant wait to get my hands on him :)


  2. Hi Kelly, Charlie, Brooklyn and sweet Boston,

    I started reading Brooklyn's blog when my sixth Anna was tested for Rett Syndrome. She doesn't have it, but I felt a connection with your family. My fifth Olivia had NEC at nine days old - her bowel preforated and she spent 18 months straight in the hospital. My heart has been heavy for you and I have been praying so much for Boston and I am so happy that he is healing from NEC. Praise God. Anna is behind in her development and definitely has signs of Rett. They are not sure if she had encephalitis or not. I am the one who gave Heather information on Boston's blog. I hope that was OK. She is amazing and she is my role model. Anyways I just wanted to introduce myself. My email is Owen and Olivia(twins) were born 9 weeks early. They are going to be four in December and are doing GREAT,

  3. I can't wait to see him again!!! I miss him terribly!!! He looks great!
    XOX Aunt Kristin

  4. He looks great Kelly. He really does. So haooy for you!!!!!!
    Terri and Abby

  5. Precious pictures, Kel! I love how his hair looks so soft and spikey at the same time! I'm trying to get my sitter to come back this week to watch the kids so as long as nobody gets sick I can hopefully come for a visit! Love you!!

  6. Fabulous news about his eyes. And, could he be any cuter? Sorry to hear about another month in the NICU but I'm sure you want to have him home, healthy and for good when he comes home.

    Prayers continue...
    Kate (Kristen's college friend)