Monday, October 12, 2009

Boston weighed in at 3 pounds 4 ounces this morning. He actually took an entire bottle (almost an ounce) for one of the nurses last night which is HUGE! Usually we can only get him to take between 3-9 mls before he is worn out and needs to take the rest through his feeding tube.
His eye test looked good - he is at stage zero - which means he has under developed vessels around his eyes (which is normal from a preemie) but his retnas look good right now. This is something they will continue to watch.
I have my infant CPR class on Thursday, I will feel much better once I get that - plus that means we are one step closer to getting the little guy home with us.

I also have an email I want to share with all of you from Kristin's college roommate:
I want to share this with you.
During church today, our pastor asked for any prayer requests. My Evan raised his hand all by himself (I was sitting in the choir loft.) He says, "I want to pray for Baby Boston. He had to come out of his Mommy's tummy early and he needs help to get stronger. I think we should pray for him."
Even the littlest ones are praying. Glad to hear that he's gaining and making progress. You're all never far from our thoughts. Have a great week with lots to celebrate!

It is so amazing to know that so many are praying for Boston -and believe me, those prayers are making ALL the difference! Thank you to everyone for your prayers....keep them coming!!


  1. Even small children know the power of prayer!!!!

  2. awww, that made me tear up! boston, keep eatin' buddy!

  3. So glad to hear Boston is growing. And how true, God covets the prayers of children.