Sunday, October 18, 2009

Please continue to pray!

We had a tough day at the hospital with Boston today, please continue to pray for him. He keeps dropping his stats, today the alarms seemed to be ringing more than they were silent. They even had to put an oxygen mask on him.
They are trying to figure out the cause for all of the DSAT's - the poor little guy went though a chest x-ray and they drew blood from his arm. Later more tests were ordered which led to TWO heel sticks. They were debating a blood transfusion when his blood levels looked low but they have ruled that out as the cause. We are waiting to hear back to see if he is fighting an infection or not. He was exhausted.
I know they say time in the NICU is like a roller coaster and that there will be ups and downs and right now is one of those down times. We appreciate the continued prayer and love and support from all of our family and friends - it is what gets us through the tough days!


  1. In my prayers as always, hope they find what is causing the problem and fix it soon, hugs and kisses for the little man xx

  2. Praying for Boston!! And his mom and dad too! Big Hugs to all of you from MI!

  3. i know it is cliche to say "hang in there" but...hang in there! i trust that God is helping you and that His hand is on Boston. we will be praying.

  4. Keeping Boston and the rest of the crew in our prayers Kel. You are amazingly strong.

  5. I'm praying for you and Boston. Sending LOVE and BIG HUGS!!

  6. Sweet Jesus,
    We lift up to you little Boston Buttler and his beloved family Kelly, Charlie, and Brooklyn.... Hold them in your gentle healing hands as only you can do. Give Strength to little Boston to continue to grow and heal and send your Spirit to comfort Kelly, Charlie, and Brooklyn. We depend on you for so much in our lives so we come to you on bended knee asking for your mercy and grace to bring us thru this trying time.
    In your name we pray,