Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Big Sister

I love the way Boston is looking up at her!
He is not so bad ;)
I survived my first "outing" with Boston yesterday. I had to take him to the hospital for blood work. The monitor and oxygen are still a little intimidating to me but we made it and he was a champ during the blood draw!


  1. we are so happy that you are all home together! brooklyn looks like she is handling being a big sister pretty well:) and boston is so sweet. we need to come and meet him soon.

  2. Sweet Butler Family, We think about you every day. Tubes, monitors, O2 -- it can all be intimidating at first, but I can promise you those devices get easier as time goes on. Hopefully, Mr. Boston will not need his O2 for a long period of time. Call me any time 317 272-0532 to vent or chat about anything. I learned some of my best "tricks" from other mommies that had/have kiddos with equipment.

    We love you all and want to wish you a very Happy and Health Thanksgiving!
    Kelly,Kevin and Owen

  3. I love these pix ... especially the little man looking up to his big sister!! We'll have to add Jackson to the grandchildren Thanksgiving photo ... LOVE, pappy

  4. That last picture is the sweetest! Such a BIG smile from Brooklyn and Boston's eyes open! They are cuties! We pray for you often. And we are always here if you need anything.
    The Wilhelms

  5. So happy to hear that all of you are home together and adjusting quite well. Brooklyn certainly looks like a great Big Sis and Boston is already "looking up to her". We are so thankful that you get to spend the holiday together as a family. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Love & prayers,
    Randy & Marissa and kids

  6. These pictures are PRECIOUS, Kelly!!! Your babies couldn't be any sweeter!!! Sooooo glad you are HOME! Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Love you!

  7. Josie's nana in CaldwellNovember 26, 2009 at 11:10 AM

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all. The pictures are just beautiful..It will not be long and all the tubes and monitors will become second nature to you..SO glad that everything is going well..

  8. Hope the Butler family had a wonderful Thanksgiving all together!!!! Love the new pictures!!! Thinking of you all.

    The Leckrones