Sunday, February 7, 2010

We are having a good time in Caldwell hanging out with Uncle Phil and Aunt Suzy this weekend and Boston is LOVING all of the extra attention!
I know it is the way he is sitting, but he looks like such a chunky monkey!!


  1. I think that the first pic makes him look like he is a little sneaky petey ... like he is ornery - I love when they first get to his age and start to make cute little expressions like that!! My kids used to make little expressions like that and it made me wonder if they were plotting for when they became mobile!! So sweet!

  2. Ok - I have to comment again on that first picture - I am crying tears I am laughing so hard at his expression ... seriously, in my mind I am hearing some crazy french influenced accent with a smoke hazed room and old time music in the background - a thick and naughty plot is being discussed - (with the accent) "Ok Brookie Bean, you stay put and I will hide in the closet, no one will ever have to know who spill the red pop on mom's favorite rug" - FOR REAL, a hilarious picture.