Friday, April 16, 2010

Loving on my little man!

I do not think it is possible to be more in love with this little guy!!!


  1. Hey!! I want to know why Big,Cute B doesn't have his shirt off like the pics of the other boys with Brookie on her blog!! Sooo cute Kelly, he looks so happy and healthy! I think he and my Maddie could star together in a shampoo commercial ... he has the straight spike - Maddie the Shirley Temple!! Still need to get my hands on that cute critter! :) Miss Sarah (and btw ... my email is

  2. Love those Pix ... the only thing I 'like better' is when my little man smiles at me when I ask him to "give Pappy a big smile ..."
    LOVE, Pappy

  3. Very Cute pictures. Love the third one the best. Janet