Monday, August 30, 2010

The many faces of Boston

This is the super sad lip - and yes he can bring it on SO quick (he OWNS his mommy with this one!) "what, me mommy? I don't do that!"
Yep....he is now a thumb sucker, although I think he just likes feeling that little tooth in there!
If this doesn't say "I'm trouble" nothing does :)
This pic is for Uncle Josh who got him this adorable shirt when he was born and Boston FINALLY fits in it!!


  1. Just love the pix of what I 'affectionately' refer to as 'The Lip' ... love, Pappy

  2. OMG, I'll give that little boy anything he wants with that Pouty lip. How precious!

  3. So cute! And that boy has quite the head of silky hair. And he looks a lot like Brooklyn :)

  4. Wow! Kelly How he has grown! He is sooooo cute! I miss him! Susie

  5. Oh my goodness! That sad lip would make me MELT!