Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Physical Therapy

Boston works so hard during Physical Therapy (well, most sessions anyway!) We have mastered sitting so now our focus is on crawling. Of course he can get just about anywhere he wants by rolling so he is not all that motivated to crawl.
He likes the toys his PT brings :) always nice to see "new" stuff. Here he is showing off his sitting.
He even sits and plays with toys without losing balance!! WOOHOOO!!!
He likes taking the rings off WAY more than putting them back on!
Yep, I love this little guy! He is one tough cookie!


  1. My daughter, who is four years old now and has 5p- syndrome, was also a roller and found crawling to be such a chore. She started crawling at 17 months (a cracker was the final motivation) and walked at 29 months.

    Boston is doing GREAT. What a sweetie.

  2. He is like is momma and big sister who are both tough cookies. He is doing amazingly well, proud of you both xxx