Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Boston's SMO's were delivered today! Chris from Midwest Orthopedics was so great with him - and said these were the smallest SMO's he has ever fitted :) He seems to like them.....we are going to be up and walking in no time!
You can't really see the design but it is Disney's "Cars"

The braces will help keep his feet from pronating (turning in) and in turn will help keep everything in line up through his knees and hips as he grows!


  1. My daughter had smo's just like those (my husband took her to the fitting appointment and picked out butterflies) and they really did help with the pronating. Of course, she didn't walk utnil she was 29 months old but she wore them until she outgrew them and needed new ones just before she started walking. I hope Boston's work as well for him.

  2. Oh look at those adorable feet!! Boston can't wait to see you running soon!!!

  3. Jackson LOVED the cars!!! I can't wait until Boston is chasing him around!!!