Thursday, January 13, 2011

and...he is UP

I told you....this kid rolls EVERYWHERE!
Chillin....watching some tv....
Then....he popped up!! ALL BY HIMSELF!

It is official....he can get from lying to sitting on his own...another milestone checked off the list! :)


  1. This is seriously awesome!! My daugher had to be taught this by her PT. She has muscle memory (she remembers how to do things once someone actually moves her body the way it needs to go) but nothing has ever come naturally to her. I think she was over a year old before she mastered this skill. Go Boston!!!

  2. Well....Boston is 16 months now :) so it took him awhile too and yes we see PT and OT weekly so I have to thank them for their help!

  3. boy has he grown up!! what a handsome lil devil!