Tuesday, April 19, 2011

THIS glass is Half FULL!

Yesterday I had a friend tell me how lucky Boston was - no, not because he has Down Syndrome but because from the beginning I have viewed every teeny tiny milestone as a HUGE success (and greeted them each with a standing ovation!) When you experience Rett Syndrome first, well, Down Syndrome seems "easy." Now - don't get me wrong (and PLEASE to all my amazing fellow DS mommies - you rock!) I wish I were not dealing with DS and everything that will come along with it for Boston BUT....what I mean is that watching Brooklyn loose all of her skills - I learned to be cheerful with each blessing that comes. along. I think that most moms have to work up to where I am - mourning the loss of what might have been upon receiving the diagnosis of Down Syndrome. Of course, I too dealt with that loss - but from the beginning have looked at things as what he CAN do or WILL do SOON. If anything I took the pressure off of myself and him really. So, in short. THIS glass is half FULL - thank you for the reminder ;)


  1. I think you are amazing. That you keep such an upbeat attitude as you fight for both of your children and cheer them both on is just magical.
    I have often said that I feel lucky that we didn't get our daughter's diagnosis of 5p- (Cri du Chat) until she was over two years old because by then, I knew her. I loved HER and finding out about the genetic diagnosis didn't change her or how much I loved her. would I take it away? Yes, because I'd be taking away her challenges, but would I change her? No. I wouldn't. Just as you'd take away your children's challenges but you wouldn't change who they are. Keep on cheering Kelly, your kids are amazing because they take after their mommy.

  2. Kelly, I know that our seconds have lead us down different roads. But, our firsts taught us an important lesson. Our girls have taught us how to cherish every single moment. They have taught us how quickly things can change. They have taught us how precious life is, and now they get to help us teach their little brother's the same thing. Thank you for being an inspiration through how you are with your kiddo's. :)