Sunday, August 14, 2011

BOSTON HAS TAKEN STEPS ON HIS OWN and I have not blogged about it yet......what is wrong with me?!?!?!?
I know....I know.....I am SERIOUS BLOG SLACKER lately!!!!
I could use the excuse that I am too busy with my Rett Syndrome - Down Syndrome - Divorced Single mom life to blog......but that is just a sad, sad, excuse really! I promise....moving forward I will be a better blogger :)
WHY???? Because I know you all love both of my kids and want to hear all about their amazing little lives (and some of you still even want to hear about me!) and I will stop letting you down......I am setting myself up for major failure here aren't I?!?!?! :)
Besides, Brooklyn starts first grade in less than two weeks - that means LOTS of new blogging material for her too!
So.....for those of you who have just about given up on following my blogs - don't! I promise.....I am BACK.....and maybe even better than ever :)

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