Thursday, August 25, 2011

Update on Boston Bean

I know I mentioned that Boston took FOUR steps - he continues to work hard on his independent walking but he has also made some other "strides" in his development that I though I should mention.
"Up" - Boston's PT says "up" to Boston ALL OF THE TIME. You know...working to get into sitting, sit to stand, reaching over his head, going up stairs....all the time. Anyway - during PT Boston said "UP" three times! We both were shocked. Boston has a HUGE language delay - we mainly hear Bu Bu Ba Bu - lots and lots of B sounds. "Up" was music to our ears! I know speech is taking a back seat right now since he is focused on his walking but man, this mamma can't wait to hear "mommy!"
"More" - Until yesterday Boston has shown NO interest in sign language of any kind, none - zip- nadda. And....since he is non verbal (for now) signs would be nice. Boston worked with Miss Diane yesterday during speech therapy and wouldn't ya know that runt gave the sign for "more" after almost every bite! That is until I grabbed the camera to document this momentous occasion then he was "all done" - another sign we will be working on ;)
And last but not least....this morning I hear my mom yelling.....Kelly...Kelly...KELLY...I go to the top of the stairs to see Boston at the bottom starting his way UP the stairs - I guess when his pt asked me if he was getting the hang of climbing the stairs I should have been a little less hesitant with my answer...ummm YES I think so!
Boston works SO hard and I am just SO proud of him! Although, lately he has not been the best sleeper - he fights going down for bed, even fights me on nap time so imagine my surprise when I walked out to the living room this afternoon to find him SOUND asleep....guess he decided it was finally nap time ;)


  1. that is an adorable pic! yay boston for the great progress!!!

  2. Oh my gosh Kelly he is honestly the CUTEST little guy EVER! I can't even imagine how badly you want to hear "mommy" - I hope it's Boston's second word and that he wears it out like crazy!

  3. He is way too cute!!!! so so so sweet! Both of your kiddos are so adorable....!