Wednesday, September 28, 2011

October means Awareness!!

October in my house since 2005 has meant Rett Syndrome Awareness and it still does of course, however now Rett Syndrome has to share the spotlight with Down Syndrome. Who knew as I entered into my "mommy" stage of life that October would no longer just mean trick or treat and pumpkin carvings but rather shouting from the roof tops to educate the world about my kids. Actually......What are the odds that both of my kids would be special needs AND that "their" awareness months would both fall in October?
Believe me...I would give just about anything to NOT be raising awareness as horrible as that sounds! (Or I should say I wish I was not raising awareness for syndromes that have affected my family so deeply.)
That being said...
I am asking all of my blogger friends to help me in raising awareness in honor of Brooklyn and Boston! Please share this blog as well as Brooklyn's!
If you want to make this month extra special you can even make a donation to Down Syndrome Indiana in honor of Boston by clicking HERE.
I hope to be sharing lots of facts, videos, and research news regarding Down Syndrome here over the next month so be sure to check back!!

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