Thursday, March 8, 2012

The WORST part of getting ready for preschool

There are some things in life I hate....filling out ability forms of any kind on my kids is one of those things.
I am getting ready for the meeting to transition Boston from his early intervention program into preschool for the fall and with that change comes the Adaptive Behavior Assessment - gag -
There are only so many times a mom can mark the circle "0" - the child cannot perform the behavior before I want to cry, scream, or both actually.
I know....I know..... these things are a necessary evil - for those who will be working with him in the fall to "see where he is and work from there." To be honest I do not have worries about preschool - I know two of the aides in the classroom and they are AMAZING - I loved them when they worked with Brooklyn and know I will love them working with Boston.
I just wish we could skip the whole "assessment" part.
OK - rant over - my pity party is coming to a close....thanks for listening - well, reading ;)


  1. I hear ya. I especially hate when they tell me my kiddos 'age' according to his abilities. That makes me want to throw up. :( Our kids are so much more than a score on a test, and us Moms know it. :)

  2. I just did Avery's for her triennial coming up next month. It was so annoying to have to circle 0 after 0. Its for kids ages 5-21. ummmm, hello, maybe make one for kids ages 5-10? I left the comments section blank b/c all I wanted to say was "this is the most pointless waste of time EVER!"

  3. I've gotten to the point where I have to write in comments like, "She'll do this at home but I can't guarantee that she'll do it at school." Her preschool teacher agrees with me. She wrote in her most current evaluation, "When Mom or Grandma are present, Olivia is a very eloquent speaker. When they are not there (most of the time, let's remember) Olivia will not speak at all in the classroom."

    It can all be so subjective. And frustrating!

  4. no kidding. Maybe copy it that way when they ask you to do it again in 6 months or when another group of therapists/educators/doctors asks you to fill another one out you will have it on hand. Wish I would have done that with Annie. HUGS!