Monday, September 14, 2009

Our sweet baby came earlier than we expected!

I ended up not going home after my 30 week check up and ultra sound. The doctors did not like the look of the blood flow through my umbilical cord and the baby was measuring small. I was admitted to the hospital Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning ended up delivering sweet little Boston via c-section at 1:38 pm! He has been breathing on his own from the beginning however he was on a CPAP machine the first 2 days.
He is SO tiny - I felt like my hand swallowed up is little 2 pound body.

The prayers, phone calls, facebook messages - the outpouring of love has been amazing, overwhelming really. Thank you to everyone! Please keep praying for us and for Boston. For strength, healing, and perseverance to get through these first tough weeks.

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  1. In shock, but wishing all healing good thoughts your way. Boston picked the right mom for the job.