Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update on the little guy:
Boston is good - the 9 :00 am assessment went well - he had a couple more of the episodes where he "forgot" to breath but he recovers fast from them - they upped his caffeine to help keep them from happening - the doctor rounding said they are to be expected in a "30 weeker" - that he will "out grow" the episodes about 35 weeks or so normally. He will get his 3rd does of the medicine for his heart today and then they will do another echo tomorrow to make sure the hole is closed.

Also, a PT came in to check on his legs/feet and feels it is just the way he was positioned in the womb - he is a bit "too flexible" right now but she us going to be keeping an eye on him. She thinks it will all be just fine with time - with him being in the same position in my womb for 7 months - it will take a few months for him to get all "stretched out."

His brain scan is tomorrow probably instead of Saturday (I will know by the end of the day today.) If that goes well and his echo comes back ok then we can start him on my milk through his tube and also start kangaroo time - which of course I am SOOOOOO ready for!


  1. I am excited for you to hold him Kelly!Soon.

  2. Oh, Kangaroo time is the best! Enjoy!!!! Glad Boston is steadily improving.

  3. I feel terrible. This is the first I have heard about any hole in his heart Kel. How did I miss this? And what is kangaroo time?? I've seen it mentioned a few times and am clueless-Terri and Abby