Friday, September 10, 2010

First Birthday Pictures!

Mommy had to start the session being a little silly....anything for a smile;)
Seriously...what a cute kid!
Mommy and her favorite little guy!
He is hard to keep those fingers out of the mouth!
getting ready to blow raspberries, a new favorite pastime!
Too cute for words really...
his cousin Jackson wanted a picture with him - just too cute not to post!

We tried to get sissy in the picture too - SOOOO not happening. I have a couple but they are all filled with frowns and tears :( maybe next time!


  1. Man, is he cute or what! And it just isn't because he is my grandson!!!!! ;) Got to love him.....seems like just yesterday he was only 2# 3 ozs. Love you little guy and Kel!!


  2. Boston,
    I can't believe in 2 days you will be ONE. What JOY you have brought to this world! These pictures are amazing! God Bless You and ALL! Susie Stace

  3. SO SO SO precious Kelly! He is adorable. Thanks for sharing. =) Teresa Evans

  4. Seriously, does it get any cuter than this. I love how these turned out!

  5. Kelly, he is just too cute! Those pictures are priceless. It's great to keep up to date through your blog. You guys are amazing! Thanks for sharing your kiddos with us.

  6. He is the cutest little guy ever.... and I'm NOT just saying that. What a sweetie! I wanna give him hugs and kisses! Hope all is well. It's nice to catch up with you all and see that things are going okay. :)


  7. And I forgot to mention: I CAN'T believe he's a big one year old already. Or almost. Where did THAT year go???