Sunday, September 12, 2010

A year ago today (at 1:38 pm to be exact) my sweet Boston came into this world, 30 weeks early. My little fighter. I was terrified. As a mother my job was to carry him, nurture him, help him grow for NINE months but for some reason that was not the plan for this little guy. He was born weighing only 2 pounds 3 ounces and fighting for his life. Do you know the pain of not being able to hold your child after birth, to see a team of 6 people all helping your child fight to live? It is something I wish no one would have to endure. It was heart breaking.
I remember them rolling him by my head and his teeny tiny little hand sticking up in the air....almost like he was waving at me....his mom...the one lying there unable to do anything. It was the most helpless feeling I have ever felt to this very day. Little did I know that we would be in the NICU for the next 80 days enduring bowel surgery, cystic fibrosis testing, a battle with life threatening NEC, and of course our Down Syndrome diagnosis. WOW, just typing all of it is a bit overwhelming. I have tears in my eyes as I think back to this time, the uncertainty of it all. If you are new to reading my blog, feel free to start at the beginning to catch up here. It has been quite a year for sure. Back then, this first birthday seemed like a lifetime away, but here we are! Celebrating this amazing little life. The life of my son Boston, my little fighter. I would like to say that he is done fighting but unfortunately that is not true....any child with special needs has a fight on their hands. One thing is for sure. This mom is in his corner....celebrating every small victory that comes with each new day......HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET BOY!


  1. Happy Birthday Boston! We are so happy you are here!

  2. Happy Birthday Beautiful Boston!!!!

  3. Sweet Little Boston,
    I remember watching your sister Brooklyn the day you were born. I saw you when you were 2 days old and so tiny....I had never seen a baby so small in my life. I remember you held my finger, such big hands for such a little tiny guy. I instantly knew you were a fighter then and always will be. I love your smile and you have brought such joy to my family. Happy Birthday little buddy! We love you The Peterson's

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday Boston and congrats on making your Mommy so proud! :)

  5. Boston,
    A belated Birthday to a VERY SPECIAL BOY!
    YOU are what makes my job worth it! Hope your birthday was very special. God Bless You! One of your Primary Nurses at NICU! Susie